This book is a personal account of the impossible made possible. As it turns out, there is a science to turning a negative experience into jet fuel for a remarkable life. Humanity and human societies are built on great stories that take place in obscure places, from antiquity to our post-modern societies but as long as humans exist, a positive outcome will continue to ride the veins of trauma to burst a rainbow with an effect that can be felt for generations as long as we allow ourselves be the Agent. Here is a story that took place in Nigeria that will lead you to reconsider your interpretation of your previously defined setbacks. Read it, share it, or reference it. That's why I wrote it. - Emmanuel Osuyah

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I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book. I hope it adds color to your life. The struggles will surprise you, the miracles will astound you and what follows will inspire you. Enjoy.


Emmanuel Osuyah is an author, businessman, world traveler, internationally recognized singer, recording artist, and public speaker. Though his journey is filled with life-altering experiences, he has maintained an outlook that fostered growth in all areas. He speaks 5 languages, owns 5 businesses, authored multiple books and continues to find new ways to learn and bring value to others.

This book is yet another chapter in the story of his life which has become the cornerstone. After a close encounter with death at the scene of an accident, he ends up in a national orthopedic hospital where he was immediately scheduled for amputation. The rest of the story is captured in this book. Read it, learn from it, but most of all, share it.

Thank you

Thank You! for ordering this book. This has been a labor of love for me. The journey began more than 21 years ago. I started to write about it in 2010 and I finally decided to let go of it. The story will never attain perfection in my eyes so I decided to get out of the way and let you the reader share in my journey and all its imperfections. Enjoy.